iPod touch

Simple SMS for iPod touch


How it works.

Tap an existing message, enter a phone number or select one from your Contact List. Type your own message and tap 'Send'. It can't get easier than that!

The receiver gets a normal SMS message, with a telephone number to reply. When she replies, the message is stored on the gateway server and can be downloaded, read and responded to with Simple SMS. A copy can be sent to your email, if you wish.

This shared phone number can be saved in the phone and used to contact you in future, but you need to send at least one SMS message to each Contact first. You can't just give them the number in an email or over the phone, for example.

New Messages

Simple SMS automatically checks for new messages when started, and then every 15 minutes as long as it it is running. If you set up a push email account you can get new message notifications even if your device is sleeping or Simple SMS is turned off.

Status Reports

Simple SMS can provide a delivery status report for messages that you have sent, including ones sent to multiple destinations.

Message Display

Both Sent and Received messages are displayed for each of your Contacts, threaded into a time and date ordered 'conversation'.

Long Messages

Simple SMS can automatically split messages longer than a standard SMS (160 characters) into multiple separate SMS messages. You pay for each SMS. If you exceed the standard message length an alert sounds for each extra SMS message, to give you the choice of continuing or editing the text. You cannot send more than 612 characters. This feature is network-dependent, and cannot be used together with Unicode messaging.


Simple SMS can send texts in any language supported by your device. You must set the Unicode' switch to 'ON' in Settings to encode the message correctly. If you do not, your Unicode characters will be substituted with blanks or question marks.

The maximum length of a Unicode message is 70 characters. Unicode support is network-dependent and may not be available in your recipient's country.

BulkSMS 2-way SMS Gateways

Simple SMS uses BulkSMS regional gateways to transmit your messages. The BulkSMS website for your region or language has more detailed technical information and the latest SMS prices.

More Information

See the Guides and links above for more information and screenshots.

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Note: BulkSMS operate public SMS gateway services, and know nothing about your Simple SMS app. Contact them only for account-related issues such as passwords etc. If you encounter difficulties using Simple SMS, please follow the Quick Troubleshooter link above.