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Simple SMS User Guide

User Interface

The Simple SMS UI comprises separate Messages and Contacts screens. Contacts are indexed and sorted by Last Name, with a quick Search function. You can use either Portrait or Landscape orientations - see the screenshots page.

The app starts initially in the New Messages view, which displays your latest messages with the most recent at the top. You can return to this view at any time by tapping the Messages icon. To read messages to or from a specific Contact, tap the Contacts icon and select her name in the subsequent screen. Messages display in the familiar 'conversational' format.

Tap a message to respond, or a Sent message to resend it. (You can edit the text before sending again.) Double tap a message for basic information, or a Sent message to retrieve a delivery status report. Swipe left or right over a message to delete it.

Sending Messages

To send a message to a person not in your address book, return if necessary to the New Messages view, then tap the Compose button. Enter the desired number (see number formats below), type your message in the message field and tap Send. Delivery reports are not available for recipients not in your Contacts.

To send an SMS to an existing Contact, tap her name and then tap the appropriate phone number. Numbers labelled 'Mobile' or 'iPhone' are coloured blue, but you can select any number. Note that Simple SMS is unable to determine whether numbers labelled 'Work', 'Home' etc. are capable of receiving an SMS message - it is up to you to choose the correct number.

To send a message to this Contact only, tap in the text field, enter your message and tap Send.

To send an SMS to multiple Contacts, continue selecting the desired Contact names and phone numbers, before tapping the text entry field. You can now compose your message and tap Send in the usual way.

BulkSMS only returns one receipt for a multiple message, however many phone numbers it was sent to. Such messages are therefore assigned to a dummy Contact, "Multiple Recipients". To view delivery reports for multiple messages, you need to create a Contact in your address book called "Multiple Recipients" before sending. There is no need to assign a phone number or any details.

Multi message delivery reports are numbered and stacked in the centre of the screen, using the standard report display. You need to click the OK button on each one to dismiss it and read the one beneath. Note: Simple SMS is not intended to be a mass-marketing tool, and has not been tested with very large numbers of simultaneous messages.

Unicode - If you use a multi-byte keyboard such as Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew etc. you must turn ON Unicode in Settings. Unicode support is network-dependent and may not be available in all countries. The maximum message length is 70 characters, and concatenated (long) messages are not supported. You don't need Unicode for most European languages, including Greek. (The standard GSM alphabet can be viewed here.)

Receiving Messages

Simple SMS automatically checks for new messages when started or resumed, and at 15 minute intervals thereafter (if running in the foreground.) Since a new message can arrive at any time, the average wait for a response is therefore 7.5 minutes. If that's not fast enough for you, use a push email account to get immediate or background notifications - see the Setup Guide.

If you are in the New Messages view, new messages display immediately. It is therefore recommended that you return to this view when you are not actually reading or composing messages. If you leave a Contact screen selected, then you are only notified of new messages by means of an icon badge, which you may not notice for some time. The app also sounds an alert, if sound is enabled.

Deleting Messages

The default setting is to keep your messages forever, but it is recommended that you change this to some finite time. Hoarding large numbers of old text messages consumes storage and reduces performance. If you want to keep messages, the best way is to configure BulkSMS to send copies to a free email account, such as Gmail. As a bonus you can also use that account to provide you with new message notifications.

Note that if you ever need to delete and reinstall your app for any reason, you will lose all your Sent messages (some copies may remain in your account) and download all the messages in your Inbox again. To prevent this, purge your BulkSMS Inbox if required, before restarting the app after a reinstallation.

Number Formats

Simple SMS automatically adds your country code to outgoing numbers unless they are preceded by a '+' sign. Therefore enter local numbers just as you would with a mobile phone, and International numbers in the standard +country code - area code - number format. Do not edit numbers which are inserted automatically by the app.

Note: The BulkSMS carriers operate public SMS gateway services, and know nothing about your Simple SMS app. Contact them only for account-related issues such as passwords etc. If you encounter difficulties using Simple SMS, please follow the Quick Troubleshooter link above.