Message Templates

iPod touch

Precomposed messages that you can send with just one tap.

If you need to send a message regularly, quickly or easily you can save it as a Message Template.

Templates are displayed at the top of the Sent Messages list and sent using the 'Resend Message' facility.

Creating a Template is very easy. Just compose a message in the usual way, add the special keyword '#template#' (case sensitive) and press 'Send'. That's it!

The Template message is not actually sent, instead the keyword '#template#' is removed, the message is given a date in the future, and stored in the Sent Messages List.

Using Templates

Templates can be Resent like any other message, but because they are future-dated they always appear at the top of your Sent Messages list so you don't have to scroll to find them.

Also because they are future-dated they are never deleted by the global Delete button (they can be individually deleted like any other message) and are thus always available for use.

You can create as many Templates as you like. If you just want to save a 'Favourite Numbers' list you can leave the message body blank.

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