SMS Magic


SMS Magic for iPad.

Send and receive standard SMS messages with your iPad to any kind of mobile phone from anywhere, WiFi or 3G.

The recipient does not need a smartphone or any kind of software or IM client, and there is no need to know the name of their carrier.

You can receive SMS replies in 3 different ways: direct to the app, direct to your phone if you have one, and via email - immediately, if you subscribe to a push-email service such as MobileMe, Gmail or Yahoo.

Supported SMS Gateways

SMS Magic uses The Text Magic 2-way SMS gateway. A Text Magic account has no monthly or setup fees, and supports over 700 carriers in 200 different countries. Check out the SMS pricing for your country on the Text Magic website.

You can get free credits to try out the service, and in some countries sms replies are free, which can greatly reduce the cost of messaging between friends or family.

Setting up your Text Magic account

See the Setup and User Guide for important account setup details and support information.

You will need to validate any mobile phone number you wish to use with your Text Magic service.

Get it on the App Store    There are also other SMS apps, including iPod/iPhone versions - see Which app is right for me?

Note: Text Magic operate a public SMS gateway service, and know nothing about your SMS Magic app. Contact them only for account-related issues such as passwords etc. If you encounter difficulties using SMS Magic, please follow the Quick Troubleshooter link above.