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Real SMS Quick Troubleshooter

Note: Real SMS requires an account with a public SMS carrier. You can't just download the app and start using it.

Number 1 cause of misunderstandings and difficulties

Your iPad 3G is not a phone and cannot connect to the global telephone system to receive SMS messages, even if you put a cell phone sim in it. You can directly send SMS messages via a 2-way sms gateway but you can only receive replies via email or on a separate phone. You must use a phone to receive your account password.

If you have already attempted to set up an account using your iPad sim number, you will never receive your passcode, and therefore never be able to log in and correct the problem!

There are two ways to fix this problem; the hard way and the easy way. Most people do it the hard way...

The hard way - Write to your carrier's Support department, possibly in another time zone, and ask them to email you your password. If and when they do, log in to your account and set it up as advised on the Real SMS website. If you need Reply-to-Phone, use the 'Change Sender ID' facility to authorise a proper mobile phone number. The carrier will SMS another passcode to that phone to validate you as the owner.

The easy way - open another account with another username, and this time follow the advice on the Real SMS website.

Number 1 cause of authentication failures

Firstly make sure you have selected the correct carrier! Your carrier account username and the username you enter when setting up Real SMS must be exactly the same. You can't easily change your carrier account username, you need to change your Real SMS username to match. This is what the Settings icon on your iPad looks like (it may not be on your main screen, page left or right until you find it).

Tap this icon, scroll down to to the bottom and tap the Real SMS icon. Edit your username to match your carrier account username exactly, including capitalization if any. Also check that your phone number, if used, is your usual mobile phone number (no country code is required as Real SMS adds the code automatically for you.) If using BulkSMS, make sure that the selected server is the one where your account is located.

Exit the settings app and restart Real SMS. Within a few seconds you should see your account balance on the screen.

Number 1 cause of network and wrong number errors

The phone number you enter during setup must be:

  • A mobile (cell) phone number, not your iPad sim number
  • Validated by the carrier, such as the one you used to sign up
  • Your usual phone number, without a country code. This is different to the carrier websites, which do require country codes for all numbers

Credit balance does not Update

If you are using a version of the app prior to 1.5, or you did not delete and reinstall the app after updating to version 1.5, your displayed credit balance will not decrement, and no longer equates to a number of SMS messages, see the SMS Global website for an explanation of the changes which they made made in October and November 2010. Merely updating to version 1.5 is not sufficient. You must subsequently delete and reinstall the app to enable the necessary changes to take place to your original stored Setup information.

'Wrong Country Code' Error

Real SMS update v1.5 was necessitated by the unexpected change in SMS Global pricing structure http://www.smsglobal.com/global/en/sms/pricing_explain.php, requiring new base settings for the app.

Unfortunately a standard update preserves your old settings, so it is necessary to delete the app and do a fresh install. It does not matter if you delete the old app and install the updated one, or apply the update and then delete and reinstall the new version - both methods will remove your old settings correctly. Please follow the normal setup instructions in the User Guide for installing a new app.

If you are receiving the above error message after updating, you are probably not aware of the instructions which accompanied that update. You must delete your app after updating and reinstall it from your iTunes backup.

Although this issue does not directly affect BulkSMS users, the above procedure will do no harm and is recommended so that you can change providers if you need to without encountering errors.

Miscellaneous Issues

IOS 6 Privacy Settings - after granting the app permission to use your phone contacts, you may need to restart your device.

You will get errors if you try to add country codes to local numbers. This is because Real SMS automatically adds them for you before sending. If you also do this then they get added twice, resulting in undeliverable numbers.

Real SMS has no access to your account details. If you change e.g. your Sender ID you must also update the phone number in Real SMS Settings.

If you use Unicode (non-European characters) in a message to a non-Unicode-enabled phone, or on a network which does not support Unicode (e.g. USA) then the recipient may see only code numbers. The characters supported on basic GSM networks can be found here.

If there is even a single Unicode character included in a standard SMS message sent via SMSGlobal, then their gateway will convert the whole message to Unicode automatically. This will happen even if the 'Send Unicode' switch was set to 'OFF'. The reduced limit of 70 characters may cause the the message to be truncated, and the recipient's phone may not be able to display the message, see above.

Changes to default settings have no effect on suspended apps. You need to exit the app or restart your device to enable these changes, see the FAQ for more details.

Blank screen or other failures after installing or updating - reinstall the app from your iTunes backup. If you normally have 20 or 30 apps suspended on the switching taskbar, it would do no harm to exit a few first, to free up more memory for the update process. Do not dismiss the keyboard prematurely during installation.

Note: The supported carriers operate public SMS gateway services, and know nothing about your Real SMS app. Contact them only for account-related issues such as passwords etc. If the above information does not help you to resolve any difficulties with Real SMS, please follow the support link below.

Contact Real SMS Support.

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