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Real SMS Support

Support Procedure

The fact that you have reached this page probably means that you have been unsuccessful in resolving your difficulties with Real SMS for iPad/iPod/iPhone.

Real SMS is in use by thousands of satisfied users in over 50 countries. Because all Real SMS apps are the same, and all these devices use the same Operating System, any issues that you are still experiencing almost certainly relate to your particular configuration.

To resolve these issues as quickly as possible, please carry out the following procedure:

1) Log in to your carrier account with Safari and take a screenshot of your Account Profile page.

2) Use your device Settings app to open Real SMS Settings, and take a screenshot of that page also.

(To take a screenshot with your device, press the Home and Power buttons simultaneously)

3) Email both of these screenshots together with a description of the symptoms you are experiencing to Real SMS Support

Note: Real SMS Support cannot help you with issues such as lost passwords, undelivered SMS and other matters relating to your gateway user account.

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