Setup and User Guide for iPad

Real SMS requires a functioning user account with any of the supported public SMS carriers below, before you can configure and use the app. There are no fees or other charges for setting up an account. You can have multiple carrier accounts if you wish.

Tip: if you have accounts with more than one carrier, use the same username and password with each. Then you can easily change between companies using the picker in the Settings app.

The feature summary below is not intended to be a substitute for visiting the carriers' websites and doing your own evaluation. Pricing is not included here due to regional variations. Note that Real SMS does not support "Economy" or "Premium" SMS routing.

If you send SMS to or within a country where carriers only offer a basic SMS service, such as the USA, you should be aware that Unicode and/or Long/Split messaging may not be supported. Such SMS messages should be restricted to 160 characters of the basic GSM 'European' alphabet which is listed here.

Real SMS Supported 2-Way SMS Gateways
Supported FeatureSMSGlobalBulkSMS
Regional WebsitesYes - Australia and DubaiYes - USA, UK, Spain, Germany, South Africa, International
Free CreditsYes - 25Yes - 5
Credit ExpiryNeverNever
Reply-to-EmailYes - free automatic incoming number***Yes - Free automatic incoming number. Inbox management required
Reply-to-PhoneYes - to authorised phone numberYes - to authorised phone number. Not with free credits
Email-to-SMSYes - from authorised accountYes - from authorised account. Password & Inbox management required
Long SMSYes - maximum 612 characters*Yes - maximum 612 characters*
Unicode SMSYes** (70 characters)Yes ** (70 characters)

* Network-dependent feature. Not available with Unicode messages.

** Network dependent feature. Note also that if you include even a single non-latin character in a standard SMSGlobal message, the entire message is converted to Unicode by the carrier. This reduces the allowable message length, and may make it unreadable by the recipient.

*** At minimum the following networks are supported in the USA:
Level 3
Telus Communications
... and more are being added.

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