iPod touch & iPhone

Bedrock SMS Quick Troubleshooter

Bedrock SMS requires a user account with a supported 2-way sms gateway provider. You can't just download the app and start using it.

This is a simple and well-tested app. If you can see your account balance on screen, then you must be logged in and the app is working correctly.

The SMS Roaming server only returns three kinds of error message:

  • Incorrect User Name or Password
  • Insufficient Credit
  • Unspecified Server Errors

Authentication failures

Your carrier account username and the username you enter when setting up Bedrock SMS must be exactly the same. You can't easily change your carrier account username, you need to change your Bedrock SMS username to match. This is what the Settings icon on your iPod or iPhone looks like (it may not be on your main screen, page left or right until you find it).

Tap this icon, scroll down to to the bottom and tap the Bedrock SMS icon. Edit your username or password to match your carrier account username or password exactly, including capitalization if any.

Exit the settings app and restart Bedrock SMS. Within a few seconds you should see your account balance on the screen.

Network and wrong number errors

Any reply number you enter on the SMS Roaming website must be:

  • Validated by the carrier, such as the one you used to sign up
  • In International format, without a preceding '+' sign

Miscellaneous Issues

IOS 6 Privacy Settings - after granting the app permission to use your phone contacts, you may need to restart your device.

You will get errors if you try to add country codes to local numbers. This is because Bedrock SMS automatically adds them for you before sending. If you also do this then they get added twice, resulting in undeliverable numbers.

Bedrock SMS adds a country code to ALL outgoing messages. If any of your Contact numbers are stored in International format you will either have to edit them or enter them manually with the country code omitted.

Bedrock SMS has no access to your account details. If you change e.g. your password you must also update the password in Settings.

At this time, SMS Roaming does not support Unicode. If you use Unicode (non-European characters) in a message then the recipient will receive only code numbers or question marks.

The standard characters supported on all GSM networks can be found here.

Note: The supported carriers operate public SMS gateway services, and know nothing about your Bedrock SMS app. Contact them only for account-related issues such as passwords etc. If the above information does not help you to resolve any difficulties with Bedrock SMS, please Contact Bedrock SMS Support with a description of your symptoms and instructions how to reproduce them.