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There are two problems with the SMS Roaming reply-to-email function, one more serious than the other.

The first problem is the clumsy implementation; a respondent is required to place your SMS Roaming username as the first word in their text message.

This may not be an issue amongst family and friends, but it is less than ideal when sending a text message to someone else, although SMS Roaming does insert your username in the space where the 'From:' number normally goes.

SMS to Email

The second problem is that while you can send SMS messages virtually anywhere, getting replies apparently requires a specific agreement with each phone network, and SMS Roaming does not support many of them. For example Australia has four network operators. Users with Vodafone or 3 can get email replies, while those with OPTUS or Telstra cannot.

There seems to be no way of finding out which networks are supported for email replies without either asking SMS Roaming or attempting to send test messages. This may or may not be a problem for you - if you only send text messages within your own country then you may be able to easily find out which networks are supported.

However in a large country with many networks, or where you may wish to send International text messages, Bedrock SMS will probably not be suitable for iPod touch owners.

Alternatives for iPod owners

There are other 2-way SMS apps which handle SMS-to-Email better - see Which app is right for me? for details.

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