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Note: This app does not currently work with International multi-byte keyboards (e.g Arabic, Thai, Chinese). An update will be made available as soon as possible.

Rock Bottom SMS Prices    

Bedrock SMS allows you to send standard SMS messages to any kind of mobile phone anywhere in the world, via a Wifi or 3G data connection.

A user account with SMS Roaming, a public 2-way SMS gateway in Pakistan, is required to use this app.

The SMS Roaming website is confusing and misleading, their credits payment system is primitive and their sms-to-email function is poorly-implemented.

Nevertheless all test messages have arrived reliably and promptly, and support questions have been answered quickly and courteously.

In these respects SMS Roaming's service compares very well with any other SMS gateway - while their prices are extremely competitive.   Check out their SMS pricing for your country.

SMS Replies

Replies come to your mobile phone in the usual way. Although SMS Roaming offers a reply-to-email service, iPod touch owners without a separate phone should understand its limitations before deciding whether to buy this app.

You can get a few free credits to try out the service (100 if you happen to live in Pakistan), but despite the incoherent ramblings on many of the pages, there is nothing else that is really "free" on this site.

Setting up your SMS Roaming Account

See the Setup and User Guide for important account setup details and support information.

The SMS Roaming website is not optimised for small devices, so you might find it easier to use a computer. You will need to validate any mobile phone number you wish to use with your SMS Roaming service.

Get it on the App Store    There are also other SMS apps - see Which app is right for me?

Note: SMS Roaming operate a public SMS gateway service, and know nothing about your Bedrock SMS app. Contact them only for matters relating to your account or their sms delivery services. If you encounter difficulties using Bedrock SMS, please follow the Quick Troubleshooter link above.