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How it works.

Not everybody has an iPhone, in fact the vast majority of phones in the world are not even smartphones - and not all smartphone owners want to install Chat or IM software.

The primary purpose of all the apps in this series is to make it easy for iPod or iPad owners to send standard text messages to any kind of phone, anywhere in the world.

iPhone owners also buy these apps for their secondary benefit; it is much cheaper to send SMS messages via public SMS gateway providers than to pay the high contract prices, roaming fees and the like, charged by phone companies.

WiFi or 3G

Bedrock SMS uses any available data connection to send your text messages.

The recipient gets a normal text message, from your own phone number. If you have an iPod, you may be able to use the SMS Roaming 2-way service which provides the recipient with a shared reply number and delivers the response to your Inbox.

SMS Roaming

Bedrock SMS uses SMS Roaming to provide basic, cheap SMS services. For technical reasons each app in this series is specific to a particular gateway, so if SMS Roaming does not meet your needs check out Which app is right for me?

Get it on the App Store    There are also other SMS apps - see Which app is right for me?

Note: SMS Roaming operate a public SMS gateway service, and know nothing about your Bedrock SMS app. Contact them only for account-related issues such as passwords etc. If you encounter difficulties using Bedrock SMS, please follow the Quick Troubleshooter link above.