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Bedrock SMS Setup & User Guide

Set up your smsroaming.com account before using Bedrock SMS.

Choose your desired username and password. SMS Roaming, unusually, specifies a 5-character login name - good luck with that - and it is this short name (not your full user name) that you need to use when setting up Bedrock SMS.

Enter your mobile telephone number to receive your validation code and/or messages. Note that SMS Roaming inserts your country code for you - use your local number format. If you don't have a phone, just use a friend's or relative's.

Your Account Profile

Enter your email address and time zone. If you intend to use the SMS-to-Email function, and understand its limitations, the Default Sender Number is 'Smsroaming'. Otherwise it will be your own validated phone number.

This is all you need to set up on the website as far as Bedrock SMS is concerned.

Setting Up Bedrock SMS

The first time you use Bedrock SMS you will be prompted for your SMS Roaming username and password on the setup screen. If you need to change them later for any reason, use your device Settings app.

Then you will need to pick your home country from the popup list. Bedrock SMS requires this information in order to automatically add your country code to outgoing local messages, so you don't have to.

Make your choice and the app is ready to use.

Using Bedrock SMS

Number Formats

Enter local telephone numbers just as you would with a mobile phone. Do not add a country code as Bedrock SMS adds one automatically to all numbers before sending.

If any numbers in your Contacts are stored in International format, you will need to edit them before sending to avoid 'doubling up' of the country code.

Tap the Code button to pick a different dial code to send an International SMS. Unless you intend to shut down your device, you should revert to your own country code afterwards as some devices may retain the new setting after you exit the app.

Long Messages

Bedrock SMS will automatically split messages longer than a standard SMS (160 characters) into a maximum of two separate SMS messages. You can enter up to 300 characters. You pay for each SMS. Note that this feature is network-dependent and may not be supported in your country, or that of your recipient.

Landscape Mode

Bedrock SMS supports text entry in Landscape Mode, see the screenshot.


At this time, the SMS Roaming gateway does not support Unicode (non-latin* alphabet messages).

Receiving Messages

iPhone users receive replies to their phones in the usual way. iPod touch users who are able to use the SMS Roaming 2-way service can set up push email to receive incoming message notifications.

Sent Messages

Tap the button with the message balloon to see a list of sent messages. You can delete individual messages using the Edit button, or press the global Delete button which deletes all stored messages older than one month.

Tap a message to resend it. You can insert a different recipient from your contact list, or edit the message before tapping the 'Send' button.

Deleting Stored Messages

The global Delete button is provided as a convenience to help you periodically purge your device. It retains the last 30 days of sent messages.

Error Messages

See the troubleshooter page for more information. Wrong numbers may not become apparent until reported as such by the upstream server. ('Message Sent OK' on your device only means that the message has been successfully delivered to the gateway server, not that it has necessarily been received by the addressee.)

If you get persistent wrong number errors for local texting, check the Code Button at the top left of your screen. It should show your country's International dial code e.g. +61 for Australia. You can edit the default if necessary by using your Settings app.

* For the purposes of SMS messages on GSM networks, the definition of 'latin' characters can be found here.

Note: SMS Roaming operate a public SMS gateway service, and know nothing about your Bedrock SMS app. If you encounter any difficulties using Bedrock SMS, please follow the Quick Troubleshooter or FAQ links above.